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The easiest way to object to the Local Minerals Plan

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This is our vital and only opportunity to help keep some for of local check on fracking in the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire still in place. If we lose control of this policy to the Government and the oil industry we are one mighty step closer to seeing drilling rigs and their environmental devastation springing up all over our precious countryside. Please take the time to send in your objections.
This is the best way to put forward your views to influence the County Council’s *Minerals Local Plan* which will govern the Council’s approach to minerals until 2032.  This plan is at draft stage, and open for public consultation until 24th November.  It follows Government policy *in favour of fracking.* But it also contravenes Government obligations, so there are grounds for objection
and amendment.
*The most effective way to object is make an individual submission in writing or by email.*
*Address / email to write to (handwritten snail mail makes the biggest impression):*
MLP Consultation 2016, Minerals & Waste Policy,
Strategic Infrastructure Gloucestershire County Council,
Shire Hall
Westgate Street
Gloucester, GL1 2TG
Email: m&
*What you MUST state:*

* Your name, and organisation (if applicable)
* Your full postal address, and email contact (if applicable)
* That you object principally to Section 5:Strategy on Oil & Gas, and Section 8: Policy MW06

*Example of what you could say (use own words if you can): *
I wish to object to Sections 5: Strategy and Section 8: Policy MW06 of the Minerals Local Plan because these sections are either incompatible with or do not meet:

1. the Government’s committed objectives on Climate Change as detailed in the Climate Change Act 2008 and the COP21 Paris Agreement 2015
2. the 3 Government-agreed <Climate Change: Fracking> tests set out by the Committee on Climate Change <Exploitation of onshore petroleum requires three key tests to be met, CCC says>
3. core principles of environmental, habitat and heritage protection in the National Planning Policy Framework and in the Minerals Local Plan itself

I wish to suggest that the plan be amended to state that any oil and gas proposal:

1. must demonstrate it will have a net zero impact on climate change from methane emissions
2. must demonstrate that environment, groundwater, protected species and local communities will be *protected from harm* (no off-setting or mitigation)
3. must take into account cumulative harmful effects from the earliest stage of application.

*AND / OR* you can state that you wish to add your support to the submission of objection made by Frack Off Our Forest.  (FOOF’s comprehensive and detailed objections, supported by Friends of the Earth, have already been submitted and can be viewed *here.*)
Many Councillors will welcome the opportunity to amend the plan, and your submission will give them support, so please make a little time to do this as soon as you can.  The deadline once again is November 24th at 5pm.

With thanks to all of you for caring, and for taking action.

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